Penthouse Terraces looking North up Madison Avenue

Artist’s Rendering of Rose Hill
Penthouse Terraces looking North up Madison Avenue

Almost a century ago, when Rockefeller Center was being boldly imagined from the ground up, it was suggested that no single building could satisfy the demands of New Yorkers who were seeking quality, beauty, new ideals in architecture, and restful spaces. With Rose Hill, an iconic, state-of-the-art residential tower, Rockefeller Group has distilled all of those characteristics and more under one roof. Rose Hill is a proudly modern building that tips its hat to the dream of what it means to live in the authentic, thriving, and historic New York.

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Grand Entrance on East 29th Street
Architectural Sketch by John Cetra, Founding Principal, CetraRuddy

A single architecture firm, CetraRuddy, has been entrusted with the entire project— architecture, interiors, and public spaces— ensuring that the experience of Rose Hill is considered and coherent, from the striking design of the building itself to the highly-curated, custom details throughout. Principals John Cetra and Nancy Ruddy founded CetraRuddy on the commitment to creating inspiring environments that both add to the urban landscape in a meaningful way and inspire the experience of home. The award-winning firm has transformed several important New York buildings into desirable places of residence, including the landmark Art Deco Barbizon, Walker Tower, which was designed in 1929 as the home of New York Telephone, and Tribeca’s 443 Greenwich. With Rose Hill, CetraRuddy has created history from scratch, embracing a truly Gotham style of architecture and design and a truly New York way of living.

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“There is a gutsiness about the Rose Hill neighborhood that is reflected in the design of the building—a quintessentially
New York building with attitude.”


Mid Tower Facade Detail
Views from Rose Hill to Rockefeller Center

Looking South at Rose Hill